Finding peace starts with slowing down and witnessing what you’ve experienced.

Online therapy for California residents

Something has shifted for you…

Because you’re here on this page, I know that you’re ready to commit to resolving your trauma — and you should be proud of that! 

But I know that finding a new therapist to do this work with is like going on lots of first dates. In other words: Awkward and vulnerable and exhausting. 

You may be worrying that your story isn’t “bad enough” or that you “seem fine” despite it all… So will this therapist not get it? Will they judge me

I’ve been there. So, whether we end up in a long-term relationship or not, I promise to make our first encounter a good one. No judgment. No assumptions. No pressure. 

But if we do end up being a match?
My role as your therapist will be to witness your story and help you process the parts of it that are still lingering in your mind and body. So you can live your life FREE of that heaviness.

Online therapy that goes beyond “just talking.”

I draw from different modalities depending on what you need:


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR is especially helpful for people suffering from PTSD or trauma from a single incident. It’s a type of therapy that involves recalling a distressing event while your eyes follow the movements of your therapist’s hands in front of your face (or you focus on a different type of external stimulation, like audio or tapping). 

The goal is to help activate your mind’s healing capacities, allowing your mind to heal itself from a “wound,” like your body heals from an injury.

Somatic experiencing 

Somatic experiencing centers on how the body may be “trapping” your trauma and keeping you stuck, unable to process and move past a traumatic event no matter how much you talk about it.

During a somatic experiencing session, I may observe how your physical body reacts (even in tiny ways!) when you recall a distressing event. I may help you recognize these physical symptoms and offer methods to calm or release that energy. The goal is to empower you to recognize trauma in your body, process it, and release it, once again making your body a safe place.

Talk therapy

Even though talk therapy involves… talking… our talk therapy sessions will not consist of you rambling aimlessly. My role as your therapist will be to help you identify what’s causing you distress and talk through it with the purpose of resolving it! 

I may ask you specific questions to help you better understand yourself, stop you during a story to help you notice how you’re feeling during the re-telling, or offer alternative perspectives to a troubling belief.

How online therapy with Resonate works

1. No obligation (free) consultation 

We’ll discuss whether I’m the right therapist for you, pricing options, and scheduling.

2. Get a personalized plan for sessions

I determine which combination of modalities will be most beneficial for you.

3. Resolve your trauma & live your life!

You begin to heal- for good -and your life gets a whole lot better.

“Working with Dr. Mink has been the best investment of time, energy, and resources I could have made in myself and in my future well-being….” 


“Working with Dr. Mink has been the best investment of time, energy, and resources I could have made in myself and in my future well-being.

I see myself handling stress much better, and I feel less triggered from past traumas when I bump up against things that would normally elicit a trigger response. I also see an increase in the well-being and health of all of my relationships.

Dr. Mink is an incredible combination of excellence and skill and depth of humanity. A lot of other therapists will excavate information through questioning and allow patients the space and the container to roll around in it.

Dr. Mink not only does that, but she also asks guided questions that provide more clarity and suggests tangible steps to practice in your life to lead to more sustainable changes versus just processing it in the moment with your therapist.

For anyone considering working with Dr. Mink, I’d tell them that working with her is well worth the investment in yourself for your healing process and the future you want to create and experience.”


Meet Dr. Bethany Mink, Psychologist, PsyD, LMFT

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California with 10+ years of experience, and I’m the founder of Resonate Psychology. 

I specialize in trauma resolution therapies such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. My work is polyvagal informed and an approach that seeks to heal anxiety, depression, and PTSD through nervous system regulation. 

I am passionate about supporting my clients through a different therapy experience, where they leave feeling like they did more than just “talk.” The work I do in a session is integrative and a whole-body approach to healing.

My hope is that every new client feels safe to share their story with me.

“Pretty quickly with Dr. Mink, I noticed that she wasn’t just listening to me — she was watching me, too…”


One of the things I love about Dr. Mink is her whole-body approach. I knew I needed a therapist who offered more than just talk therapy because I can talk all day long about the issues I’ve gone through and not emotionally tap in. It’s almost like I’ve completely separated the emotion from the trauma, and so talk therapy alone was never going to get deep enough.

Pretty quickly with Dr. Mink, I noticed that she wasn’t just listening to me — she was watching me too. She might say something like, ‘You know, I saw your thoughts just change right there, or I saw your body just respond differently.’ I needed someone like that, who can laugh with me and has a good sense of humor but can still call me out when I’m detached. 

Since working with Dr. Mink, my confidence has shot up a ton. I’m better at recognizing imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs and negative self talk. I can actually interrupt those patterns in the day. 

Dr. Mink is always on your side. She doesn’t tell you where to go or how to do things; she allows you the space to be who you are, so she can support you on that journey.


Am I the right therapist for you?

I have extensive experience working with…

  • People with a history of religious trauma & spiritual abuse
  • People going through faith transitions or a loss of faith
  • The LGBTQIA community
  • Survivors of sexual assault, rape, or abuse
  • People suffering from PTSD or complex PTSD
  • People struggling with nervous system dysregulation or disconnection from their body and intuition
  • People with a history of workplace trauma & experiences leaving toxic work cultures

Who most benefits from my approach

If you are… 

  • Ready to COMMIT to doing this work. This likely isn’t your first time in therapy, and you’re here because YOU want to be (not because someone else insisted).
  • Compatible with a direct approach to talk therapy (+ a good sense of humor!). You’re not looking to “just talk” without feedback from your therapist.
  • Willing to try nontraditional modalities to speed up your processing. The idea of body-centered approaches excites you!

Then I might be the right therapist for you!

Need-to-know information

What are the fees per session?

Cash pay sessions are $200 each. You may be able to pay a lower amount if you have a PPO insurance plan. Click here for more details on how pricing and insurance work.

Do you take my insurance?

I use a service called Advekit. Advekit allows you to use your PPO insurance plan through them and only pay what you owe upfront (no need for reimbursements or superbills!). Many clients are able to save significantly by using Advekit. Click here for more details on how pricing and insurance work.

Where are you located?

I am licensed in the state of California, but my practice is 100% online. For now, I can only accept clients who are residents of California.

Do you offer in-person sessions?

At this time, no. This is 100% online therapy!

Is online therapy as effective as in-person therapy?

In my experience, YES! Our sessions are through video, so I am able to see you and interact with you in real time, just like in an in-person session. 

For many of my clients, online sessions make it possible for them to find a therapist they love (since they aren’t limited to their city) and make time for therapy amid a busy schedule (with no commute time). My clients also find comfort in being able to do therapy in their own space.

Are video sessions secure?

Yes! I use HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Software.

I don’t live in California. Can you still be my therapist?

Unfortunately, no. I am licensed in California, so I cannot accept clients who are not California residents.