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phase of your life

Resonate Psychology guides clients out of emotional dysregulation and trapped in trauma responses to become confident, integrated, and at peace

Trauma-informed therapy for California residents

This is trauma therapy for those who want to do more than
“Just talk


Many of my clients come to me after a past experience with talk therapy where they didn’t feel they were progressing. They’d go to sessions and rehash the narrative of their trauma… and nothing would really change. 

They would stay stuck in old, familiar patterns. They would experience emotional triggers regularly. It felt like constant work to cope (let alone thrive!).

And they would start to wonder whether lasting change — change that becomes second nature — was even possible for them. 

If this sounds like you, here’s what I want you to know:
Change is possible. But it may require more than “just talking.” 

To get to the root cause of your trauma, we need to ask…

What’s going on beneath the
layers of coping mechanisms and stories you’ve told yourself?

For the answer, we have to get you out of your head and into your body

Even when clients choose to “just talk,” I encourage them to notice what’s going in their body as they discuss something distressing. Our body language holds powerful clues — and I teach you how to recognize them.

That’s why I offer a trauma
therapy experience with a
bottom-up approach.

Here are the modalities in my toolkit:

  • EMDR
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Talk therapy
  • Role-playing
  • … and more.

I pull from these tools to create your personalized roadmap for trauma resolution.

“If you’re dedicated to getting better (whatever that means to you), Dr. Mink is the person to work with…”

Any person that knew me two years ago would say I’m a totally different person now. I have found a level of peace. I’ve found the ability not to have to go to coping mechanisms and instead just sit and feel, which is something I’ve never been able to do before. I know how to find peace on some of the toughest days. I am learning how to regulate my nervous system and how to recognize where my body is at any given moment. 

I’ve read books that have changed my life. I have a girlfriends group for the first time in my life, a full group of women friends whom I love and adore and have strong boundaries with. I’ve never had that before.

These are all things I honestly wouldn’t have today if it hadn’t been for working with Dr. Mink. 

The beauty in Dr. Mink is that she tells you how it is. She doesn’t sugar coat things. But at the same time she reminds you to have compassion for yourself. She works with people all day, every day. And she still has such a great level of compassion. She’s not jaded by the stories she hears, and she’s non-judgmental in the way that she approaches everything.

You usually don’t want to recommend friends to your therapist because it feels like a conflict of interest. But I have given multiple friends recommendations to go to Dr. Mink’s practice because she’s that good. If you’re dedicated to getting better (whatever that means to you), Dr. Mink is the person to work with.


Meet Dr. Bethany Mink, Psychologist, PsyD, LMFT

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California with 10+ years of experience, and I’m the founder of Resonate Psychology.

I specialize in trauma resolution therapies such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. My work is polyvagal informed and an approach that seeks to heal anxiety, depression, and PTSD through nervous system regulation. 

I am passionate about supporting my clients through a different therapy experience, where they leave feeling like they did more than just “talk.” The work I do in session is integrative and a whole-body approach to healing.

My hope is that every new client feels safe to share their story with me.

But if I’m going to ask for your story, I believe I should also share my own.

Am I the right therapist for you?

I specialize in helping people with a history of…

  • Religious trauma & spiritual abuse
  • Faith transitions
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Nervous system dysregulation
  • Sexual assault & abuse
  • Workplace trauma & Toxic work cultures

I pull from these tools to create your personalized roadmap for trauma resolution.

Ready to begin the deep-healing
phase of your life?