The Resonate Psychology approach is not about managing symptoms. It’s about shifting out of survival mode — for good.

Hey, I’m Dr. Bethany Mink, Psychologist, PsyD, LMFT

To me, resonance is when you lock eyes with someone and you know that they just get it.  

My extensive experience working with survivors of trauma and my own history with religious trauma means that I’m speaking the same language as my clients. New clients often say that they were able to skip the part where they “explain themselves” to feel seen and understood. We’re able to build a sense of mutual trust — and so they can experience change faster. 

This resonance is the foundation for a successful client-therapist relationship. And it’s why I’ve named my practice “Resonate.” 

My hope is that every new client feels safe to share their story with me.

But if I’m going to ask for your story, I believe I should also share my own…

My story starts as a pastor’s kid in a fundamentalist religion

In the religion I grew up in, women weren’t allowed to go to the movies, wear pants, wear makeup, cut their hair, or wear jewelry. We were encouraged to prioritize becoming a wife and mother over forming a career. Still, my interest in psychology was strong enough that I decided to pursue a career in it anyway. Over the next decade, I pursued a master’s degree and a doctorate, continually pushing back on the ideal of becoming a submissive homemaker in the shadow of her male counterpart.

Along the way, studying psychology led me to some important breakthroughs about my experience in my religion. Though I didn’t experience an acute instance of trauma, I found that I exhibited many of the classic signs of PTSD, due to the oppressive nature of my upbringing. 

As I went on, I began to see that what I was learning about psychology and mental health was setting me free from my past. 

So, while I was getting my master’s degree, I left. 

Today, the process of resolving my religious trauma is ongoing, but I have come so far from the “survival mode” of my past!

My mission is to make a similar transformation possible for my clients: From emotionally dysregulated and trapped in trauma responses…. 
to become integrated, confident, and at peace!