Somatic therapy training for licensed mental
health practitioners

Learn to apply somatic techniques to your practice and improve client outcomes.


Somatic therapy training can support you to…

Address the root cause of trauma & complex trauma

Help clients restore a healthy mind-body connection

Facilitate deeper healing than talk therapy alone

Why I’m passionate about somatic techniques

When I trained as a psychotherapist, I was taught to always “get the narrative.” My goal was to get my client talking about their trauma. The idea was that through talking (and more talking), they would eventually resolve it.  

But what I found was that many of my clients remained stuck, no matter how much they talked. Later, I learned that this is because trauma does not just exist in the mind — trauma also exists in the body. It takes a combined approach of talk therapy and body-centered modalities to treat the root cause.

Since integrating somatic techniques into my practice, I’ve seen my clients make faster and more complete transformations. 

Because I believe wholeheartedly in the role somatic techniques play in mental health, I now support other practitioners in adding these techniques to their practices. 


Meet Dr. Bethany Mink, Psychologist, PsyD, LMFT

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California with X years of experience, and I’m the founder of Resonate Psychology.

I specialize in trauma resolution therapies such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. My work is polyvagal informed and an approach that seeks to heal anxiety, depression, and PTSD through nervous system regulation.

I am passionate about supporting my clients through a different therapy experience, where they leave feeling like they did more than just “talk.” The work I do in session is integrative and a whole-body approach to healing.

If you’re interested in offering a more whole-body approach to your clients, I’d love to help you get started.

Interested in adding somatic techniques to your practice?